The experiences of different users make up stories.

A good change for the world, Good Neighbors.

Quick decisions can be made regardless of the distance, even if members are in different places, and
collaboration is possible through the noticeboard.

#Notice board collaborative work

Spoqa connecting stores and the world with style

Use the search function of Docswave to look for approved documents, instead of drawers. This function allows the verification of documents at any time, contributing greatly to the improvement of work effectiveness.

#Find payment documents
#Search function

Yeouldol, a beautiful foundation supporting children with rare diseases

Docswave is recommended as the best groupware that can be easily used by anyone with a Google account linked to various Google services.

#Google Account Interworking
#Easy Organization Configuration

Megazones provide insights and innovation of global standards.

It is a program that can be easily used even by people who are not very familiar to the use of computers.

#Easy to use

Sejong Dental Clinic welcomes patients with the best services

Hospital reports, drafts, etc. can be quickly searched by category, and details related to drafts can be verified at any time by actively using the attachments of drafts.

#Quick search
#Verify draft contents
#Attachment files

Busan Solidarity Foundation takes the lead in contributions to the local community.

My favorite function is the one that sends e-mail immediately by selecting a recipient from the contact list. Paper documents had to be reprinted after correction, but now it can be odified within the program, so I think it is eco-friendly.

#External contact function

Max Telecom is a leading direct SK Telecom agency

Documents can be verified and approved anywhere with a smartphone thanks to the e-mail notification function. It is also good that documents are automatically classified and stored in Google Drive, so you can read them whenever you need to.

#E-mail notification
#Google Drive storage

Atomos Co., Ltd.'s mental health platform 'Mind Café' has 950,000 members

I liked the approval system and stamp (sign) that blends in documents. The approval process after formatting the quality system document is very convenient too, with storage and security management functions.

#System documentation
#Convenient approval process
#Document storage
#Document security

TIT Software, a specialist in the production and development of Websites for public institutions.

Please use functions that work with Google Calendar. Working hours can be dramatically reduced by checking business trips or leave schedules at a glance.

#Google Calendar
#Direct schedule sharing

D2Resource is an artificial intelligence-based unmanned store integrated solution company.

Tasks could be performed effectively through the approval line, and tasks to be handled manually, such as leave management, expenses, and business trip expenses, were completed successfully.

#Expenditure management
#Leave Management
#Finances Management

ATTO Research is the best SDN company in Korea.

The label function makes the classification of documents easy. Employee satisfaction increased with Docswave, and work efficiency improved with automation as there is no need to find documents.

#Label function
#Effective document classification