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Docwave is a CLOUD-based groupware accessible to anyone with a Google account.

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Growing organizations are already using Docswave.

Here are representative companies that are already using Docswave.

A good change for the world, Good Neighbors.

Quick decisions can be made regardless of the distance, even if members are in different places, and
collaboration is possible through the noticeboard.

Spoqa connecting stores and the world with style

Use the search function of Docswave to look for approved documents, instead of drawers. This function allows the verification of documents at any time, contributing greatly to the improvement of work effectiveness.

Yeouldol, a beautiful foundation supporting children with rare diseases

Docswave is recommended as the best groupware that can be easily used by anyone with a Google account linked to various Google services.

Megazones provide insights and innovation of global standards.

It is a program that can be easily used even by people who are not very familiar to the use of computers.

Docswave is the most effective organization management system.

Understand information related to HR, attendance, leave, and financial management at a glance, and manage it safely with Google's strong security system.

52 h/w attendance management

Manage the attendance of members smartly online!

Provides convenient and easy attendance record services with settings suitable to the organization.
(Only for Korea and Japan)

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Convenient leave management

Leave schedules, more systematically with Google calendar!

Experience easy setting and convenient use according to customized work types and leave policy

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Rational financial management

Understand purchases and expenses by department and expenditure type at a glance!

Important document files can be saved and managed with perfection asapproved documents and attachments are automatically backed up to Google Drive.

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Various document forms

Basic forms, existing forms used by the organization, and even new customized forms!

Docswave enables the management of hundreds of premium forms customized to your organization - from attendance, leave, HR, finance to work reporting.

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Safe data management

All organization data is managed systematically in one place!

Google Drive automatically backup documents can be stored systematically and safely with Google's unique strong security, even if the person in charge changes to prevent the loss of important data.

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More features of simple Docswave that make work fun!

Try smart services such as community functions equipped with company-wide automatic notification system, member information inquiry, and Google Meet integration.

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